Pre-made Pouches

Flat Bottom pouches

Flat Bottom / 3D pouches

The best combination of looks and usability - comes with reclosable zipper or slider. Extremely stable on the shelves even for very light products like tea and popcorn.

Standup pouches

Standup zipper pouches

Standup pouches (Doypaks) are excellent for on-shelf display. They stand upright, and come with reclosable zipper, best suited for modern trade.

Spout pouches

Spout pouches

Stand-up pouches with leak proof spouts for packing variety of fluids viz. tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, liquid hand wash, grease, etc.

BOPP bags

BOPP / WPP bags

We manufacture premium BOPP / WPP bags in various finishes like matte, window metalized, etc used in packing 10 Kg to 50 Kg of products.

Big bags

Big Bags

Big bags in SKU of 5 Kg to 20 Kg for packing staples like sugar, wheat, rice, etc. For added convenience, have the options of dori, plastic handles, zipper, etc.

Degassing valves pouches

Degassing valves pouches

Certain products (like coffee) when packed emit gases (like CO2), expanding the pouch. Our degassing valves allow gases to escape, while ensuring no gases enter - thereby increasing shelf life.