Big bags (with handles and / or zipper)

Big bags

Big bags

We manufacture premium looking attractive packaging for packing bulk quantities of staples like rice, wheat, sugar, etc. These bags are used to sell premium range of products to differentiate from common brands. We make multi-layer laminated bags in various finishes viz. Matte, Gloss, Window Metalized, etc.

Further, we are providing such bags with various convenience / value added options like handles (plastic handles, dori, D-cut, C-cut, etc) and zippers (sliders, tear-off zipper, zippers, etc).

Key highlights:

  • Attractive bags designed for premium products.
  • Available from 5 Kg to 20 Kg bags.
  • Very consumer friendly with options of convenient handles and zippers.
  • Various finishes available like Matte, Gloss, Metalized, etc.
  • Allows brand owner to have identical looks for whole range of the product SKU (from 100g to 20 Kg).