Multi-layer Laminates for FFS machines

Extrusion based laminates

Extrusion lamination based laminates

Extrusion laminated material are used for packing some of the speciality products like four layer laminate for nitrogen flushing, extrusion based laminates for condoms, high quality woven BOPP bags, etc.

Foil based laminates

Foil based laminates

Foil laminates are used for high-barrier applications and are often used for packing highly hygroscopic items, dry fruits, snacks, medicines, juices, etc.

Soap Wrappers

Soap wrapper

We provide soap wrappers in various premium finish options like metalized, holography, etc. to make your soap stand out from others. The soap wrappers and paperboard stiffeners can be provided in various thicknesses / gsm.

Hot fill laminates

Hot-fill laminates

We manufacture multi-layer laminates suitable for hot-fill applications, specially used for packing ketchup, juices, chutneys at hot temperatures ranging upto 120°C.

Collation shrink PE / LD

Collation shrink PE

Collation shrink LD / PE film are gaining popularity because of various benefits like cost advantage and tamper evidence. Most importantly the collation shrink packed crates can be placed directly on the store shelves.

PVC shrink sleeves

PVC / PET-G shrink sleeves

We provide high quality PVC / PET-G shrink sleeves and BOPP labels for all styles of PET and glass bottles, jars, etc. Offering high shrinking capability (upto 75%), shrink sleeves can be used even with sharp contours.